I create and update blogs for businesses and for myself, personally.

Here are a few to give you an idea:

She Sells Cars: I created this blog for myself as a sales person at Berger Chevrolet. I use blog posts I create to include as tips for some customers who have questions about car features, credit challenges or events. I’ve received¬†calls and messages from people around the country asking me about information I’ve posted on this blog.¬†I also share my posts to my She Sells Cars Facebook Page.

she sells cars blog

Jobs For Now: I created this blog for, a contract and day work jobs website, for which I currently provide my digital marketing consultant services with Motivate Social.

Picture 43

Williams Auto Blog: I created this blog for Williams Chevrolet Honda Kia, a large car dealership I worked for as the communications director. However as of today (September 18, 2013), when the screen shot below was taken, this blog had not been updated since I left March 15, 2013. I also had a hand in directing the look and feel of their current website.

Picture 51

Arise, Girl: I created this blog as a creative outlet for my personal life, passions and pursuits. I began designing and writing “Arise, Girl” in Blogger, but moved it to a WordPress platform. Second, I started another business blog — Bloom — that I will be merging it into my personal blog. I include it here, because I like my writing and the stories in a few of my posts. It was meant, initially to be an inspirational blog. Obviously, I haven’t posted on either of these blogs in a long while. However, watch for updates — because I’m going to work on it.

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